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Set in 1840 Missouri, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the tale of young Tom Sawyer and the never ending mischief of which he so often finds himself a part; whether it's matching wits with Aunt Polly, tricking his friends into whitewashing a fence for him or narrowly escaping the clutches of a murderous villain. Along with his best friend, Huckleberry Finn, and his love interest, Becky Thatcher, the greatest Tom Sawyer exploits are plucked from the book and plopped onto the stage.

Handicap seating is available. Please call the box office for assistance.

Tom Sawyer makes a great field trip! School day group ticketing information is available here.

Dates / Times:

  • Thursday, May 2nd @ 11:45am  
  • Friday, May 3rd @ 9:30am  
  • Friday, May 3rd @ 11:45am  
  • Friday, May 3rd @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 4th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, May 4th @ 6:00pm
  • Sunday, May 5th @ 2:00pm
  • School Days Performance

Ticket Prices:

* Prices may vary by performance.

All ticket sales are final.

Cosman Cultural Arts Center:

12015 Mill Street, Huntley , IL 60142

Show Notes:

Tom Sawyer: Brayden Follett
Huckleberry Finn: Caleb Timlick
Aunt Polly: Brittney Keene
Becky Thatcher: Emma Kate Sheridan
Injun Joe: Zach Ulmer
Judge Thatcher: Boden Murphy
Reverend Sprague: Jake Coleman
Widow Douglas: Ryan Antemann
Muff Potter: Jadon Spears
Miss Dobbins: Kathryn Taylor
Sid Sawyer: Nate Coleman

Tom’s Gang:
Ben Rogers (sings Smart Like That): Landon Follett
Joe Harper: Micah Schmidt
George Bellamy: Daryl Worrall
Lyle Bellamy: Adam Below
Jim Hollis:  Samuel Schmidt

Becky’s Gals:
Amy Lawrence: Anna Timlick
Lucy Harper: Harlow Engel
Sabina Temple: Audrey Morreal
Susie Rogers:  Mya Crone
Janie Rogers:  Abigail Thompson

Towns people:

Sally Bellamy (mayor/attorney): Lia Beck
Gideon Wain (attorney): Delaney Gross
Doc Robinson: Jacob Toman
Pap: Ben Burt
Sereny Harper: Campbell Krausen
Jessica Rogers: Grace Comeaux
Naomi Hollis: Kierstin Carey
Juliana Alvarez
Ben Antemann
Ariana Beck
Sophia Engel
Brooklyn Gentry
Linnea Hadlock
Rachael Hein
Ally Lange
Jane Larsen
Lydia Lyons
Paige Rogers
Hannah Sherman
Cooper Wackerlin
Audrey White

School Children:
Anabella Alvarez
Rachel Below
Adam Below
Lena Brennan
Susie Burt
Kendell Carey
Shelby Chinlund
Savannah Coleman
Mya Crone
Harlow Engel
Landon Follett
Gavin Follett#
Addison Gentry
Ever Harris
Breckin Harris#
Grace Hasse
Kendra Heidke
Samantha Hunter
Nathan Miller
Audrey Morreal
Natalie Olsen
Ella Schmidt
Micah Schmidt
Samuel Schmidt
Ashley Seidel
Torin Sheridan
Abigail Thompson
Anna Timlick
Micah Timlick
Vassil Vasselinov
Daryl Worrall

Sunday School Kids:
Grace Buettner
Mariah Chinlund
Micah Chinlund
Nate Coleman
Veronica Ossler
Katie Rudak
Jenna Schneider
Angelie Shilkus
Rayna Skinner
Trent Van Yzendoorn
Magdalen Wedoff
Claire White

Angel’s Lost Dancers:
Juliana Alvarez
Lia Beck*
Ariana Beck*#
Susie Burt
Kierstin Carey
Kendell Carey
Harlow Engel
Brooklyn Gentry#
Addison Gentry
Campbell Krausen
Audrey Morreal
Natalie Olsen
Paige Rogers#
Anna Timlick#

*This Time Tomorrow Dancers
#Smart Like That Dancers

Practices are held Fridays and Saturdays at Calvary Assembly of God.  Performances will be on stage at the Cosman Cultural Center in Huntley.