Looking for upcoming audition dates?

The auditions day for a show is listed on that show's page. Click on the show you're interested in on our season schedule! CYT shows involve the entire family—check out our show parent hub!
Do you have any advice for auditioning students?
Yes, check out our performance tips!

How do auditions work?
At CYT, auditions are an open casting call; nothing is precast. Any student age 8-18 enrolled in classes is eligible to audition. Students have “1 minute to shine”. We recommend preparing a 1 minute song highlighting your vocals and acting through song. However, students may choose to do a monologue or dance if they prefer. We recommend using a karaoke/backing track, which you should be able to find online. Label your CD with your name. Students will be given a number and taken into the audition room in groups of approximately 10-12. Hand your CD to the person at the table operating the CD player, and take a seat in numerical order. As each student's number is called, the student will come in front of the Directing Team, introduce themselves and their song, and perform. Students will then take their seat until the entire group is finished, then they will be dismissed. There may be a dance audition in addition to their 1 minute audition, but no preparation is required. If the directing team wishes to see your child for a specific role, they will be called back the following day. Students that are called back will receive an email.

What do I have to do for my audition? What do I need for my audition?
Students have “one minute to shine.” We recommend preparing a one minute song, highlighting your vocals and acting through song. As CYT produces musicals, we encourage students to sing and add movement to their audition. Younger students are encouraged to choose a high-energy song.
How do absences play into casting?
The directing team needs to know what rehearsals you will be missing. It is imperative that they fill out this information on the audition form. Absences that come up after casting will not be excused. There is no “magic number” of excused absences that will make or break getting cast, however the more absences you have the more difficult chances of getting cast become.
What is “experience only”?
"Experience only" is an option for students who wish to work on their audition skills and gain valuable insight into the process of auditioning, but who don’t wish to be considered for the production. This is a great learning experience, and they will receive a personal note from the director with suggestions for improvements. Please note that students are only allowed ONE audition per session. An audition for "experience only" prevents them from auditioning in another county in that same session.
Can I watch/videotape auditions?
You may certainly videotape your child's audition, though you may not record other children in your child's group. There will often be a designated area for filming.
What if my child is out of town on audition weekend?
If you are unable to attend auditions, we do accept video audition submissions. Please work this out in advance with your local Chapter Coordinator (CC).
Where are audition forms?
Audition forms are available through your area callboards. Check with your local CC if you are having trouble finding them.
How should I help my child with the audition process?
Be a support. Help them find music. Let them practice in front of you. Obviously, the younger the child, the more you may want to help steer them towards a successful audition yourself.
What if I am unsure about my rehearsal schedule conflicts?
Any information is helpful. If you are unsure about a conflict, list the day as “negotiable”. If you list conflicts as “negotiable”, you may be asked to come to rehearsal and give up that conflict. Conflicts you are unable to give up should be listed as "firm".
What if my child has a birthday during the rehearsal season? Does it affect show eligibility?
A student must be at least 8 years old by the audition date to be considered for a CYT Chicago Production. On the other end, a child must be no older than 18 on the first night of their county’s classes in order to participate & audition for the show, but may turn 19 during the session.
Can I play the piano accompaniment for my child?
Not all locations have a keyboard available, and even fewer have a functional piano. Check with your Area Coordinator ahead of time. We strongly encourage using a track for this reason.
How many students usually audition for the production?
It varies greatly by production, county and session, though most shows see numbers between 50 and 100.