Scenery & Sets

A selection of our sets and backdrops can be viewed here.
  • Full shows rent between $1000-$3500/week
  • Single pieces also available
  • Backdrops included in many of our shows
  • Individual Backdrop rentals:
    • Drops  $275/week
    • Scrims  $300/week
  • Backdrops can be shipped.  Scenery is pick-up only.
  • All rentals require a damage/security deposit.
  • $300 minimum rental each order.


A selection of our costumes can be viewed here, and you can send us an inquiry below.

Technical Equipment

  • Pick up only
  • All prices are by the week, 30% off per additional week.
  • Single day pricing available.
Please email us for more information.

CYT Chicago

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Phone: 847-516-2298
Office Address:
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Office hours:
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