Scenery & Sets

A selection of our sets and backdrops can be viewed here.
  • Full shows rent between $1000-$3500/week
  • Single pieces also available
  • Backdrops included in many of our shows
  • Individual Backdrop rentals:
    • Drops  $275/week
    • Scrims  $300/week
  • Backdrops can be shipped.  Scenery is pick-up only.
  • All rentals require a damage/security deposit.
  • $300 minimum rental each order.
When picking up rented items, we advise that the renter brings a 12', 16', 22' or 26' moving truck from Penske, Budget, or Ryder. U-Haul trucks are too low for our loading docks and have wheel wells in the trailer that can make loading/unloading difficult.


For specific show reference photos, please fill out our rental form and add your request in the ‘Questions/Comments’ section. 
  • Prices range from $35-$75 per lead character 
  • Prices range from $15-$50 for ensemble characters
  • Full Show Rentals Available
  • 10% Discount for the Entire Show Rental
A selection of our costumes can be viewed here.

Technical Equipment

  • Pick up only
  • All prices are by the week, 30% off per additional week.
  • Single-day pricing available.
Please email us for more information.

Great American Tall Tales

What student hasn’t daydreamed through class, wishing that history was more interesting? In this amazing original show, audiences will see that history isn’t boring at all, but is about real people who lived and did some pretty amazing things. Join Davy Crockett, Sally Ann Thunder, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Annie Oakley, and so many more on an adventure of a lifetime!

Rent this amazing CYT Chicago original show today!

***Cannot be used without written permission from CYT Chicago***