Christian Stilwell was born in Paraguay on December 4, 1993. At an early ange it was evident that he had a passion for singing, music, and theater. He applied his creative and musical abilities in more than 25 theatrical productions with CYT/Spotlight, High School, and Greenroom.

Christian had the ability to lift people up and make them feel like they belong. He gave to others the gift of acceptance, encouragement, purpose and hope. He was highly affectionate, always ready to give a hug or a smile.

Christian embodied servant leadership. He volunteered, interned, and/or worked for CYT/Spotlight, Willow Creek Community Church, Greenroom, and Cuisine America. Known as the kid with the clipboard, as he always carried one around with him with his multiple to-do lists, Christian often headed up special interest programs and community compassion events. He created a leadership conference to challenge his peers to become difference makers.