The story of Great American Tall Tales begins with students Derek, Travis and Sloane, who are on a school field trip to a museum. The wax figures in the museum’s “Tall Tales” exhibit – including Davy Crocket, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, and Annie Oakley – are going to be shipped off, and the exhibit will close. As the result of a dare, some students sneak back into the museum at midnight, and they are shocked to find the Tall Tales figures “wake up” and tell their stories. They reveal the devastating news that they are becoming weaker, and if their stories are not told, they will soon cease to exist. The students devise a plan to save the Tall Tales from being sent away. Will the plan work in time? Will they avoid the museum’s curator and security guards? Will anyone believe the students and the Tall Tales figures? Come along on this exciting musical journey and learn about these very real and important figures in our American History. 
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