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CYT Chicago could not reach all of the kids we do without your support. Your ad purchase helps ensure our success!

Fri, Aug 18 2023 - Mon, May 6 2024

Personal ads are for participant families only. These ads may not have any business logo or affliliation. We do offer business ads as well! 

Add the CYT Chicago Designer option at checkout and our Graphic Designer will layout the personal ad for you for an additional $25.00.

All ads are subject to Approval.
If sent as a .PDF, please embed all fonts and images.
Accepted file formats include:
JPEG Files @ 150-300 pixels per inch
TIFF Files @ 150-300 pixels per inch
Unacceptable file formats include: Word Documents, Publisher Files, and Power point files

Show logos may not be used.

Please send artwork to
Subject line MUST include Business/Family Name & Show Title. 


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