Online registration at CYT Chicago is available up to 24 hours after the second class meeting. Late registrations are not prorated.
All registrations must be paid in full before students can be enrolled. To ensure prompt enrollment, pay online when registering. The credit card processing fee is included when paying online!
For more information, please contact the local Chapter Coordinator.

Current Registration Requirements/Restrictions
  • All published staff/dates/times/locations are subject to change.
  • Students must meet age requirements by the last class day of the session.
  • Since some classes fill quickly, register early!
  • Some classes require additional fees or purchase of supplies (e.g. make-up or tap shoes).
  • If student auditions for a production, no class refund will be issued.
  • No refunds will be given once 24 hours have passed after the second class meeting.
  • There is a $25.00 fee to cover third party processing charges for cancellations and refunds will be prorated.
  • Confirmation of registration payment is e-mailed.
  • Confirmation paperwork, once enrolled, is available from your family summary page.
  • Payment can be made online, by mail or in person. 
  • If we have to cancel the full session of your particular class due to enrollment and there is not another option you are interested in, we will give you a full refund (no third party fee).
Audition Classes
  • Winter & Spring Sessions (Dance Jr, Dance, Voice, Improv & Drama Intensive)
  • Some classes are an audition-based class and may require a longer commitment. For example: Project classes commit to both the Winter and Spring sessions. Or the Drama Intensive class may be a 3 or 4 hour class with a higher cost.
  • Students who wish to audition for this class must complete the audition sign-up for that session.
  • Non-audition classes fill quickly so the student should register for their non-audition class of choice. 
  • Audition class registration will be decided pending audition. A student will be moved to the class if they get selected.
  • Students who do not make the class will be notified via email and given the option to select another class.
Fees and Payment Information
  • Standard registration - $255
  • Audition classes or longer classes may have higher costs (i.e. Drama Intensive is a 3 hour course for one session and might cost is $310)
  • Additional cost for supplies (tap shoes, makeup for makeup class, etc.) may apply.
  • Discounts apply automatically.
  • Sibling Discount is $15 per additional family member, applied when registering two or more children in the same family account.
  • Multiple Registrations Discount: $15 per second class (same semester) the same child enrolls in, regardless of CYT Chapter.
  • Multiple Registrations and Sibling discounts may not combine.
Reach out to your chapter coordinator or the CYT Chicago office ( with any registration questions.