What student hasn’t daydreamed through class, wishing that history was more interesting? In this amazing new show, audiences will see that history isn’t boring at all, but is about real people who lived and did some pretty amazing things. Join Davy Crockett, Sally Ann Thunder, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Annie Oakley, and so many more on an adventure of a lifetime!

Show performance and ticketing times are currently subject to change.

Dates / Times:

  • Friday, May 21st @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 22nd @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, May 22nd @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, May 23rd @ 2:00pm

Ticket Prices:

All ticket sales are final.

Batavia Fine Arts Centre:

1399 W Wilson St, Batavia, IL 60510

Show Notes:

Cast of Great American Tall Tales
Davy Crockett-Jonah Harder
Sally Ann Thunder-Ella Root
Pecos Bill-Jacob Hahn
Slue Foot Sue-Catheryn Kuhar
Annie Oakley-America Merson
Paul Bunyan-Zach Henning
Johnny Appleseed-Daniel DePhillips
Mr. Stinson-Josiah Daneels
Miss Peele-Lani Merson
Jack Tucker-Braden Brophy
Guard-Aodhan Bard
Kid’s Chorus
Derek-Declan McCormick
Travis-Kieran Hays
Sloane-Abby Hebreard
Tucker-Kellen Prysmiki
Alice-Samantha Philo
Kid 1-Tessa Belter
Kid 2-Timmy Miller
Kid 3-Julianna Joy Lawson-Schlitz
Kid 4-Hadley McFarland
Kid 5-Ryan Westering
Tall Tales Ensemble
Mrs. Macgillicuddy-Alex McHugh
Mover 1-Will Dudley
Mover 2-Austin Westering
Mama-Ellie Mickey
Papa-Xander Peery
Doctor-Will Dudley
Nurse-Tabitha Ryden
Melton-Xander Peery
Aodhan Bard
Braden Brophy
Addison Dudley
Haley English
Lexi Grueneberg
Annalisa Hoskins
McKenna Lee
Maggie Miller
Rosette Pavkov
Mary Scheidler
Sarah Scheidler
Giddy-Up Gang
Keiran Bard
Lindsey Coffel
Lily Fraser
Lucy Hahn
Chase Lee
Talley Miller
Sydney Philo
Kelsey Toth
Plant a Seed
Sprout-Tessa Belter
Seedling-Kelsey Toth
Seedling-Keiran Bard
Tree-Lucy Hahn
Tree-Talley Miller
Tree-Lilly Fraser
Coyote Chorus-“Little Bill”
Braden Brophy
Julianna Joy Lawson-Schlitz
Alex McHugh
Timmy Miller
Austin Westering
Rail Chorus-“A Man Is Just A Man
Keiran Bard
Will Dudley
Lexi Grueneberg
Annalisa Hoskins
Chase Lee
Alex McHugh
Ellie Mickey
Rosette Pavkov
Xander Peery
Austin Westering
 A Note From the Team
Well YEEHAW!!!  To all who auditioned for Great American Tall Tales, thank you for quite the whirlwind of a weekend!  Thank you so much for all the hard work and energy you put into your singing audition, the dance audition, and for many of you, the callbacks as well. Casting is always a puzzle but the versatility you all brought to this weekend made for an extra challenge.  Still, watching you all perform on that little stage again brought back so much joy that we have been missing for such a long time.
Please remember the casting process is often accompanied by great joy and excitement, as well as frustration, disappointment, and even a little heartbreak.  We all understand what it feels like to be disappointed; we understand what it feels like to not be cast in the role we had hoped for; as well as not being cast at all.  Each of us has been there, multiple times.  And please know this… it is ok to be sad. We are sad too.  Our hope and prayer is that you recover quickly and can be happy for those who are happy.  If you are one of those who are excited, GREAT!!!  We’re excited too!  We hope and pray that your excitement grows and becomes contagious to those around you throughout this entire show process!!!
OK, now to the nitty-gritty stuff.  Here is a list of things you should bring to EVERY rehearsal:
-Water bottle
-Shoes for dancing (Bare feet are not allowed with CYT, and don’t you even THINK about wearing flip flops!)
-MODEST, comfortable, and appropriate clothing for dancing and general movement
-Your script and/or music (coming soon)
-PENCIL PENCIL PENCIL!!! (don’t expect to remember everything if you don’t write it down…just FYI, Kristi is a STICKLER about this…)
-A recording device (if you have one…the Voice Memo app is perfect!)
-A great, respectful, Christ-honoring, praise-filled, and God-glorifying attitude!
Also, please remember the ol’ theatre saying… “10 minutes before is early, 5 minutes before is on time, and on time is LATE!!!”…get there early please!
Ok now, time to get excited…get ready for a fun, crazy, creative, and good ol’ rootin’ tootin’ toe-tappin’ time!!!…We are just so excited to begin working on this fun musical and hope you are too! #Yehaw #Wehaw
-Kristi, KyraJo, Adam, Ben, and Mrs. Root