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In this modern pop-rock take on Alice in Wonderland, we meet Alice Liddell, a seventeen-year-old at Lutridge Academy. Pressured by teachers and parents to draw up a ten-year life plan for her final grade, Alice ditches school to meet her idol Delilah, a rock queen with Alice’s idea of a perfect life. In pursuit of a meeting with Delilah, she falls down the rabbit hole. Bright, modern and splashy, this version of the Alice tale connects the strange happenings of Wonderland to her real world as she explores the adolescent frustration of “What am I going to do with my life?”

Dates / Times:

  • Thursday, May 14th @ 7:00pm
  • Friday, May 15th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, May 17th @ 3:00pm
  • Sunday, May 17th @ 7:00pm

Ticket Prices:

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The Compass Auditorium:

1551 East Hobson Road, Naperville, IL 60540

Show Notes:

Alice In Wonderland CAST LIST  
Please check all lists as you may be called back for more than one role.

 Alice - Charity Del Preto
Donnie  - Will Black*
Chester - Jake Wolfe*
R. Abbott - Ahna Thompson*
Miss Turtle/Makarena Turtle - Mia Archos*
Delilah/Mrs. D  - Ashaley Wicks*
Missi/Alice's Mom - Naomi Salansky*
Royal T/Ssteve/Alice's Dad - Nathaniel Bugielski*
Ms. Gryphon/Collective Face - Sierra Allison*
Matt Hadder - Ethan Balthazar*
March O'Hara - Honey Nilson*
Dora Mauze - Rachel Leyden*
Trevor McKnight/White Night - Matthew Newell*
Piz - Brennan Van Meter*
Chaz - Ethan Coronelli*
Jess - Aly Lopez*
Bea - Miranda Heabel*
Rose - Amanda York*
Tiger - Nelson Lindmark*
Daisy - Teagan Allison*
Violet - Rylee Ruscitti*
Leaf - Tommy Muff*
Maddie Weber (Dance Captain)
Emma E. King
Leah Weston
Grace Metcalf
Honey Nilson (Tap Dance Capitan)
Ethan Balthazar
Matthew Newell
Nelson Lindmark
Grace Metcalf
Maddie Weber
Tommy Muff
Anna Gordon
Jake Wolfe
Will Black
Brennan Van Meter
Ethan Coronelli
Ethan Balthazar
Tommy Muff
Nelson Lindmark
Kyle Smucker
Scenester #1 - Sage Bonebrake
Scenester #2 - Mary Claire Bradshaw
Reporter - Brianna Guzman
Reporter - Kaia Olberg
Reporter - Anna Gordon
Kiera Tibstra
Abby Hebreard
Anna Schearf
Jenna Jongsma
Maddy Moffitt
Grace Michniak
Olivia Tosto
Caroline Isaak
Olivia Barlow
Julia Samuelson
Shianna Newell
Reporter - Ellie Paulsen
Reporter - Cole Isaak
Reporter - Bhargav Chandramouli
Scenester #3 - Kyle Smucker
Ava Biagini
Steven Wicks
Jonah Guzman
Kadence Tibstra
Alexia Escareno
Sean Alvarez
Adrianna Teodoro
Peyton Spangenberg
Levi Saavedra
Luke Saavedra
McKenna Lee
Devyn Carr
Lila Ramirez
Abby Jongsma
Abby Johnson
Ellie VanRossum
Eloise Malley
Samantha Philo
Grace Paull
Ivy Henkle
Daisy Henkle
Lucia Battiato
Abby Callahan
Gabriella Jones
Natalie Castro
Eleanor Parsons
Suzie Alvarez
Evangeline Saavedra
Allison Baker
Martin - David Sakaguchi
Audience Father - Ian Tirona
Audience Grandma - Elin Seiler
JuliannaJoy Lawson-Schlitz
Nathan Wicks
Morgan Potvin
Makenna Moffitt
Eva Michniak
Leah Guzman
Elin Davenport
Cole Tibstra
Sadie Bradshaw
Raegan Noellsch
Hailey Weston
Jada Duron
* = Denotes Backstage Vocalist


Wow!! What an amazing weekend of auditions and callbacks! You all displayed so much courage this weekend, brought so much to the table, and so much for us to think about and discuss.

Our team is ecstatic to get started on this journey with you! This cast has so much talent and we are so excited to see how many lives will be touched through Alice! Everyone brought something special to auditions and we can’t wait to see all of the growth this season! We are so excited to get to know our cast and learn with them!!

A lot of prayer and consideration went into this casting process. Unfortunately, we were not able to cast everyone who came out for auditions. To each of you who we were unable to cast- thank you for coming in with all of your enthusiasm and heart. We will be sending you some audition feedback soon. We would love to see you at future auditions and work with you in future shows! 

For those of you in our cast, we realize that some of you may be disappointed where you ended up on the cast list. Wherever you may fall on this list right now, let’s make sure that we are empathetic to one another, especially over the next few weeks when emotions will be running high. Please continue to build each other up and remember that the words you speak today cannot be taken back tomorrow. Let’s love and encourage our friends in the midst of it all! 
Please come ready to work hard and give your all. During this show we are going to have tons of fun! It will also be a journey of discovering new friends and hopefully new talents that you may not have known were inside you! We plan to CHALLENGE you throughout this show. We see so much potential in all of you! We are so excited to be a part of the DuPage family and can’t wait to grow closer through this adventure!!
Let the show begin! 

Dan, Michael, Aneesah, Andrew, Mollie, and Jen