These safety measures have been implemented to be in line with the recommendations from the CDC and State phase reopening guidelines. Should we advance towards the next phase, we will update these expectations to stay in line with federal and local guidelines.

On location: 

  • Signs — We will have healthy & safety signs posted to help everyone remember to wash their hands and practice social distancing.  
  • Outside Air — We will utilize on site ventilation systems to increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible.

Daily Expectations: 

  • Masks — Masks will be required for campers and staff whenever within 6 feet of each other. Staff and campers are responsible for their own masks. If anyone arrives without a proper face covering, we will have disposable masks available for them to use. If a student can’t wear a mask for the amount of time required, they will not be allowed to participate in our camps.
  • Social Distancing — To help campers the staff will use painters’ masking tape to mark distances in lines and rooms to provide physical guides and to ensure that staff and campers remain at least 6 feet apart.
  • Filmed Showcase — We will not have an in person showcase instead the campers will film their final performances and those videos will be shared with each campers family.
  • No Microphones — Students will not use mics, out of concern for breathing and potentially spitting on those surfaces.
  • No Shared Scripts — ​​​​​​​In years past, staff kept a set of scripts in their room for the kids to use when on site. This year, we will not be offering this and are requesting campers use the personal copies we provide them. Parents will be given a link to download an additional script if the initial script is lost. 
  • COVID-19 Concerns — ​​​​​​​The onsite Camp Coordinator will be responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns. All camp staff and families will know who this person is and how to contact them.
  • Not Feeling Well? — We will ask all staff and campers to stay home if they or a family member are not feeling well, as well for a guardian to pick up their camper if they start to feel unwell during the day. 
  • Clean Hands — We will provide access to hand sanitizer to our staff and students, as well as breaks for handwashing.
  • No Water Fountains — The use of water fountains is prohibited. Instead, they are encouraged to bring water bottles. 

Cleaning procedures

  • Cleaning — Staff will regularly clean commonly used surfaces (such as door handles, bathroom fixtures etc.) with disinfectant.
  • Limited Sharing — We will limit the use of any common items but if it is necessary the items will be disinfected between uses (such as glue, scissors, or other craft items).

Pick up and drop off

  • Drop-off will be completed outside (weather permitting) in zones. Staff will have reusable laminated pickup cards with instructions that the parents will take a photo of. Everyday upon arrival, all campers will be asked if they or someone in their family are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Pick-up will be completed outside (weather permitting) in zones. The designated counselors and CC will stand outside and as parents arrive they will show the photo of the pickup card. They will then relay the information to the staff inside as to whose parents are there. If there is enough space for social distancing, students can wait outside as well. 
  • Zones — Pick-up and drop-off zones will be managed by 1 staff member per zone. They will be positioned around the parking lot so that only campers of their same group will be in the same area. Each zone will be designated by age and color: 5-6 year olds Yellow, 7-8 year olds Red, 9-10 year olds Blue, & 11-12 year olds Green.
  • Check-In — As the campers arrive on Monday they will be checked in by the staff member represented in each zone. 

Reference Documents