Session: Winter 2023
Chapter:  Dupage
Location:  Wellspring Alliance Church, Wheaton
Time:  7:00pm - 9:00pm
Day:  Tuesday
Starts:  12/06
Ages:  13-18
Tuition:  $225.00


Toss that script out the window and come make everything up on the spot! Learn the fundamentals of improv  and create something out of nothing, with a heavy focus on storytelling, plot, and developing interesting scenes.  Discover how to actively listen, to use your own life to create stories, and use "Yes, and..." and other scene  building skills. Students will create scenes of greater complexity, as well as utilizing concepts such as "Status",  "Tilt" and "Re-incorporation". Learn to sustain a more complex narrative and play with commitment. 
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Brenton Newell

As a CYT Alumnus, I am constantly amazed at the work God does through the students in this program. I graduated Wheaton College in 2021 with my bachelor's degree in Media Communication with a minor in Music. I've always loved the opportunity to make people laugh through improv. From my first CYT improv class at 10 years old, to improvathon/improvapalooza, to now, I never get bored watching or performing improv. I see it as an accessible, fun and highly creative outlet for theatrical performance, and can't wait to coach students in their skills in improvisation and creating scenes.


1766 Blanchard Street, Wheaton, IL 60189