Session: Spring 2024
Chapter:  McHenry
Location:  Hope Church, Crystal Lake
Time:  7:00pm - 9:00pm
Day:  Tuesday
Starts:  03/12
Ages:  8 - 12
Tuition:  $235.00


Take a class focusing on solo acting. Actors will leave this class with comedic and dramatic monologues, both classical and contemporary. A play is a series of scenes strung together. Come explore the nuances of both. Students will discover what character type best suits them. They’ll learn to infuse truth into characters, focus on and listen to their scene partner, and bring a playwright’s vision to life. All these skills will translate into stronger auditions and performances. Select appropriate monologues (classic/contemporary, dramatic/comedic), learn to analyze rhythm, themes, and structure of a monologue, learn how to receive and give feedback, and strengthen individual acting skills.
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451 Ackman Road, Crystal Lake, IL 60014