Giving Tuesday


This Giving Tuesday provide the gift of a scholarship for a student to flourish in one of our theatrical classes. You are not only giving an education, you are proving a community of encouragement, love, and support to families who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity. 

Every year, we give away thousands of dollars in scholarships to families who are struggling to keep the arts as an option for their children. It is our joy to say "Yes! Your student can be a part of CYT." when a family reaches out for financial aid. Whether it be because a family member is sick, a job lost, or single parent who is struggling to pay the bills, we don't turn anyone away because they cannot afford CYT.

Will you join us in saying "yes" to these students? This Giving Tuesday, will you give the gift of an education in the arts at a place where students feel safe, loved, and challenged? Will you give the gift of CYT?

Along with scholarships, our ticket prices and fees do not cover the full amount of our operating costs, so we only exist because of your financial gift. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and donation.

All donations up to $1,250 will be matched! Give today and double your gift.

CYT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax deductible. After you donate, you will be able to print a confirmation receipt to use for verification of your charitable donation on your taxes.

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11/16/18 @ 4:51pm $25.00 Anonymous
11/25/18 @ 3:58pm $25.00 Anonymous
Thank you to the office staff for serving our families and making sure we can perform!
11/25/18 @ 4:01pm $25.00 Anonymous
Thank you, office staff, for all your hard work to make sure we can continue to do great things!
11/26/18 @ 8:30pm $50.00 Anonymous
Happy birthday, Carol!!
11/27/18 @ 9:25am $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 9:37am $50.00 Bottum Family
CYT has had a huge impact on our family. We hope others find their second home here as we have. #givingtuesday
11/27/18 @ 9:49am $25.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 10:04am $100.00 Audra Christine Photography
11/27/18 @ 11:12am $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 11:15am $20.00 Anonymous
CYT has meant so much to our family. I don't know where we'd be without it.
11/27/18 @ 11:28am $20.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 11:57am $15.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 12:12pm $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 1:29pm $500.00 Mary Schuth
11/27/18 @ 5:35pm $25.00 The Young Family
11/27/18 @ 8:23pm $100.00 Anonymous
Our oldest Grand-Daughter started in CyT five years ago and she loves every minute of it. Now our eight year old is involved and we are overjoyed at both of them performing in the same shows.
11/27/18 @ 10:39pm $100.00 Philo Family
We are so grateful for what CYT has done in the lives of our kids AND for the amazing productions they put on!
11/28/18 @ 12:14am $50.00 Anonymous
11/28/18 @ 9:14pm $15.00 Anonymous